I’ve been thinking about how people deal with pain. Physical, mental, emotional. Personally, you could poke me in the arm and I’d bruise like a peach. I’d probably whinge at you that it hurt. Physical pain isn’t really something I deal with very well, but put me through something mentally demanding and emotionally painful and I think I hold up pretty well.

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I purchased a book recently called ‘One Line A Day’ in which you write a short something about your day, every day, for five years. There’s a page for every day of the year, labelled at the top of the page with the date. On each page is five sections, one for each of the five years. You fill in the space for that year on each dated page and then move onto the next day, and as the years pass, you return to pages to see your previous entries on that date in the previous years. Interesting, huh?

But it got me thinking. It’s kind of a lot Continue reading