I purchased a book recently called ‘One Line A Day’ in which you write a short something about your day, every day, for five years. There’s a page for every day of the year, labelled at the top of the page with the date. On each page is five sections, one for each of the five years. You fill in the space for that year on each dated page and then move onto the next day, and as the years pass, you return to pages to see your previous entries on that date in the previous years. Interesting, huh?

But it got me thinking. It’s kind of a lotof pressure summing up your entire day into just a sentence or two. How do you choose the most important things to jot down? And what if nothing of any significance even happens? It feels as if I’m almost wasting the space, that I’ve wasted my day.

Make every day something worth writing about.

It also got me thinking about where I’ll be in five years. Where will I be in 2020 when I finally fill in my final entry and am able to read back through the past five years. Will I be happy? Will I look back and be disappointed in my choices? Or will I be proud of my progress, proud of how far I came? I suppose only time will tell.

I know if I could give myself any advice for the future, it would be to not be so hard on myself. Stop taking everything so personally! The whole world isn’t out to get you! People really aren’t as bad as they seem. Count to ten and then speak. And then sometimes think again. Don’t over analyse everything; learn to have more spontaneity, relax and just take every day one day at a time. Love deeply. Sing loudly. Have more fun! Enjoy every day because you won’t ever live it again. And make every single day something worth writing about.

© Copyright Alexandra Brown, 03/09/15.


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